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ACCU-2M3-CARB, Portable Air Cleaner with 72-Pound Carbon Cell

  • Large portable carbon cell air cleaner designed for volatile organic compound (VOC) fumes and industrial odor control.
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    Large 14-inch intake available ideal for odor extraction applications involving enclosures.
  • 2-speed unit producing a maximum of 2000 CFM; variable speed option is available.
  • 0.75-HP motor.
  • Stainless steel housing.

ACCU-2M3-CARB - The ACCU-2M3 CARB is a portable carbon cell air cleaner designed to address chemical fume odor in commercial and industrial environments. This unit has a 2-speed, 0.75-HP motor and a dual-intake configuration offering a maximum of 2000 CFM. The housing is stainless steel and features a front-access, slide-in filter arrangement for the main filter. The unit cleans the air via carbon filtration media and there are 2, 36-pound refillable carbon cells for a total of 72 pounds of carbon. The standard unit is provided with coconut shell carbon which address many airborne chemical toxins and fumes from the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Please note that we will confirm that the carbon filtration media of the package proposed will address your indoor air quality application and there are numerous options for carbon media blends. In addition to being suitable for industrial odor extraction, the ACCU-2M3-CARB can also be offered with a 4-lamp module of 17-inch, 24-watt UVGI lamps for antibacterial applications calling for contamination control. Please contact us with any details on an application that can be addressed by this portable air cleaner.

The Right Air Purification Equipment
for the Job — Every Time

When it comes to selecting air purification equipment or industrial vacuum products for your facility, there is no room for mistakes. Oakley Air Systems, Inc. was founded with the goal of offering professional expertise to those requiring air cleaning equipment and industrial vacuum products.

Our team of experts prides itself on finding the right equipment for the job, every time. Whether you need a new air purification system for a new building or need to replace a problem unit with current state-of-the-art technology, Oakley Air Systems has the solution.

We offer a complete line of both industrial and commercial air cleaning equipment along with quality industrial vacuum systems. From oil mist eliminators to industrial dust collectors; from fume and VOC extraction to contamination control equipment Oakley Air Systems has the solution to your indoor air quality concerns. To complement these our air cleaning equipment lines, Oakley Air Systems also offers a full line of industrial vacuum systems for a variety of applications.

Industrial Dust Collection

Industrial dust collection covers a broad range of categories. Dust from powder transfer as well as machining and cutting of almost any material can produce harmful dust. This dust is harmful to equipment operators and it can cause premature failures in the equipment itself.

We represent several manufacturers of industrial air cleaning equipment and we can provide the product best suited for your application. We offer a full range of products to address any indoor air quality issue. Before recommending a product, we analyze your work environment and note the details of your application to ensure the equipment proposed will yield satisfactory results. We have successfully completed projects using combinations of:

  • Industrial Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • Portable Dust Collection Equipment
  • Industrial Downdraft Tables

Industrial air purification equipment is the heart of our business. Let us help you with any application you have that calls for addressing indoor air quality at your facility.

Oil Mist Collectors and Eliminators

The metal working industry uses machine tools that require cutting oils and coolants to produce products. Working with these industrial fluids generates submicronic mist droplets that become entrained in the plant’s ambient air which is harmful to both workers and equipment.

The most effective method to control oil mist is to capture it at its source, remove the contaminants and return clean air back to the plant. Collecting ambient oil mist is one of the more challenging industrial air contaminants to capture and control because of the wet and often sticky nature of the particulate. Most of the mist extraction units available today use standard filter media, centrifugal separators or electrostatic precipitators to capture the mist droplets that are released into the air.

The problem with these technologies is that they require regular maintenance to keep them effective and filter replacements can be costly.

Industrial Weld Smoke & Fume Collection

Welding and cutting operations can produce harmful fumes such as hexavalent chromium and other carcinogenic particulate. Ambient fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a common application for manufacturing facilities and other groups that use lacquers, solvents, and industrial coatings. These fumes often drift into adjacent office areas creating an uncomfortable work environment for employees as well as customers.

We offer industrial fume extraction equipment with special filtration packages designed to address toxic VOC fumes and noted below are some of the items we carry:

  • Source Capture Arm Systems
  • Self-Cleaning Portable Welding Fume Extractors
  • Portable Carbon Cell Air Cleaners with Refillable Carbon Cell Filters
  • Custom Fabricated Modular Air Cleaners Designed for Enclosures and Rooftop Exhaust
  • Positive Pressure Air Cleaning Equipment

Proposing air cleaning equipment systems designed for industrial VOC fume extraction is a unique area of indoor air quality with which we can assist. Please contact us with air quality applications in your work environment involving any degree of harmful industrial fumes.

Portable Air Cleaners with HEPA and UV for Contamination Control

Portable air cleaners offer all the air filtration options featured in larger, stationary air cleaning equipment but are most often smaller in size. Portable air cleaning units have become increasingly popular over the years to address the various forms of air quality applications that occur in today’s marketplace. This is because a portable air cleaner offers something a stationary air cleaner cannot offer; flexibility.

Portable air cleaning units have been employed for applications calling for homeland security emergency preparedness, providing negative pressure to an isolation enclosure for contamination control and for containing ambient dust during renovation work.

When you need clean air temporarily during building renovations or in isolation areas requiring negative pressure, our portable air cleaners with HEPA and UV for contamination control offer the ideal solution. There are many applications for our lines of portable air cleaning units. This equipment is commonly used to address the following:

  • Hazardous Dust Containment during Mold Remediation
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    Isolation Area Negative Pressure
  • Patient Waiting Area Air Sterilization
  • Industrial Odor Control
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    Solder Smoke Collection

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canciones de flauta cristianas flautacanciones de flauta cristianascanciones de flauta cristianas Portable Air Cleaner Filtration Packages can Include:

  • Full Size 99.97% Efficient HEPA Filters and 99.99% Efficient ULPA Filters
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    95% Efficient Multi-Pocket Bag Filters
  • UV lamps for bacterial sterilization
  • Refillable Carbon Cells with Custom Blends of Granular Carbon Media


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flauta Abatement contractors and facility maintenance personnel are relying on HEPA air scrubbers to address indoor air quality where free standing air cleaning units are unable to be utilized. Units can be offered with flange connections for ducting to enclosures or fitted with flexible source capture arms to collect dust and fumes as these contaminants occur. In addition to these features, we can outfit a portable air cleaner with a filtration package tailored for your application. Let us help you with any application where a portable option in air cleaning equipment is necessary.

Industrial Vacuum Systems for Manufacturing

Industrial facilities have unique applications for vacuum equipment that often involve the safe collection of hazardous debris. Identifying the right industrial vacuum system for manufacturing plants is among our top specialties. We work with lines of continuous duty vacuum equipment designed for these applications that are common to industrial groups:

  • Machine Tool Cleaning
  • Multi Operator Central Vacuum Systems
  • Wet Vacuums for Emergency Spills
  • Explosive Dust Collection
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flautaflauta Oakley Air Systems only offers quality portable vacuums that can withstand strenuous duty and are designed to last. We offer both compressed air powered vacuums and electric powered vacuums in dry only, wet-dry and HEPA. We can be your resource for industrial vacuum equipment that will operate continuously in the difficult applications noted above and to address such applications we can offer the following products:

  • Pulse Filter Vacuums by Pulse-Bac for Fine Dust common to Concrete and Drywall Surfacing
  • Industrial HEPA Filter Vacuums, Dry Only and Wet-Dry
  • Compressed Air Operated Vacuums
  • Drum Top Vacuums
  • Industrial Vacuum Hose and Tool Packages

The applications for industrial vacuum equipment are numerous and we can propose the continuous duty vacuum systems designed specifically for your needs. Please contact us with any vacuum application you have. If you require an industrial vacuum system for a production application such as debris collection in your manufacturing process, routine industrial housekeeping, machine tool cleaning or debris removal from packaging Oakley Air Systems can propose a best fit solution. We have the expertise and the resources to get you the vacuum equipment that will yield satisfactory results for the demanding applications common to manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Hand Held Vacuums

In addition to our industrial vacuum lines we also offer several options for small, portable vacuums designed for vacuuming specified areas. These small handheld vacuums are popular for vacuuming debris from sensitive electronic equipment, removing chips from machine tools and industrial workbench clean up. These small vacuums are handheld and lightweight and are popular for cleaning limited areas common to technical service work and assembly oriented work stations. Industrial handheld vacuums are cast aluminum and vacuums for ESD safety are durable ABS plastic.

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Applications for Hand Held Vacuums Include:

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Vacuums for Static Free Vacuuming around Electronic Equipment
  • Trigger Operated Compressed Air Gun Vacs in Cast Aluminum for Industrial Applications
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    gastric surgery wound leaking Toner Dust Vacuums
  • Easy Portability for Spot Cleaning of any Work Area

Most of these hand held portable vacuums have a 1-gallon capacity making these smaller units ideal for applications that do not require a full size unit. Many accessories are available with these smaller units to include flexible extensions to reach into equipment and ESD safe vacuum hose assemblies. Please contact us with applications you may have for one of these smaller vacuums and we will confirm the unit best suited for you.

Our Mission: 100% Focus on Quality

At Oakley Air Systems the driving force behind all of our solutions is QUALITY. We promise to deliver an accurate proposal of the equipment best suited for your application and a quality product every time. An investment in quality products is not only a smart financial investment, but also an investment in the health and well-being of your employees for a smooth-running operation.

Our team of experts has more than 30 years of combined experience in industrial air purification products and vacuum systems to provide you with the right equipment and the right fit, every time. Contact us today at 919-665-2560 for all of your industrial dust collection, fume and VOC extraction, portable air cleaner, and vacuum needs. We look forward to working with you.  511 Nowell Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.