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5000-ProExec, 400 CFM Contractor Portable Air Cleaner with HEPA with Carbon


5000-ProExec - The 5000-ProExec is a 3-speed, contractor-grade portable air cleaner offering a combination of HEPA and carbon. The Pro Series housing is marked with safety yellow caution tape and it is fitted with a 4-inch, detachable, metal exhaust collar for applications requiring negative pressure. This air cleaner is provided with a filtration package consisting of 2-stage pre-filtration, HEPA and a 15-pound, refillable carbon cell of the coconut shell carbon blend; other carbon blends are available. This unit is best suited for applications that call for addressing fine dust and light odors in 1500 cubic foot areas. The collar that is provided makes this an ideal portable air cleaner for putting small enclosures and confined work areas under negative pressure to contain dust and fumes.