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N041MC, Compressed Air Canister Vacuum with a 4 Gallon Tank


N041MC - Single venturi, compressed air vacuum with a 4 gallon, painted steel tank weighing 20 pounds. The 4-gallon unit works from a 3/8" air line and will consume 20 SCFM at 100 PSI. Vacuum specs are 56 SCFM and 100" wc. Recommended compressor size is 5 HP. Unit is provided as a complete kit and available for dry applications only. All tools provided are non-metallic and tool kit includes a 10' x 1.25" plastic hose assembly, 20" extension wand, 3" dust brush, 5" utility tool with brush and 9" crevice tool. Unit is also available with a stainless steel tank and there is an optional exhaust silencer.